Welcome to the website of the late Princess Laura Adorka Kofi, respectively known as “Mother Kofi.”

THE MOST HIGH said that His children will remember themselves within the land of their captivity (1 Baruk 2:30) and other scriptures within “Mother Kofi, Part 1 describes how the scattered sons and daughters of African are awakening to know their lost heritage and culture; not as African-Americans or other types, but descendants of the seeds of Jacob from the tribe of Judah, the Children of Israel, taken from West and Southern African during the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Before you judge or criticize, take time t0 watch the video, and if you are not interested, may peace be with you; no harm, no hurt.  However, let it be known, THE MOST HIGH words proceed out of His mouth and does not return to Him void.  “For He uses foolish things to shame the wise and weak things of this world to put the powerful to shame” (1 Corinthians 1:27).

THE MOST HIGH had a “Program” for her to administer and if she returned to Africa, it would be death or if she remained in America, it would be death.

There is much more to this story, and will be shown in several parts, starting with Mother Kofi Just as with ‘Mother’s Sacred Teachings and Sayings’ publication, this video uses a blend of spiritual and temporal approach to disclose past, present and future events for THE MOST HIGH’s plan to return His people back to Africa, the Diaspora, and the ‘Awakening of her church.


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