In Florida, Rev. Nyombolo and Rev. Robert Ervin Keyes were the only two leaders to serve dual leadership positions as pastor and director over the Program. In 1988, the Princess’s Program was moved into Tabernacle African Universal Church, Inc., and the role of a single leader/pastor/director was split into two separate positions. By 2019, this approach continued after the ‘Awakening’, or transition from Tabernacle African Universal Church, Inc., under Christian faith to African Universal House of Worship, Inc., as Hebrews.

On January 7, 2023, Sheppard Kubi Keyes continued with the awakening which led to re-establishing The Program within the African Universal House of Worship as believers and followers of our African Creator whose name was hidden and the true location of THE MOST HIGH holy city Jerusalema, in South Africa waiting quietly, desolate, and uninhibited for the return of the descendants of Bantus scattered to the four corners of the world. Therefore, we lead as Bantus of THE MOST HIGH SO NINI NA NINI. It was an eleven (11) year journey for THE MOST HIGH to patiently and lovingly, lead us away from Christianity, Judaism, and Hebrew, to what our confirmed DNA bloodline confirmed, we are Bantus; whose ancestors are from West Africa, brought to America during the TransAtlantic Slave Trade. These are the same people of the “book” (Deturonomy 28:68) and also, “You shall lose the heritage I gave you” (Jeremiah 17:4).  Yet, it is the teachings and nurturing given to us by our elders during their lifetime to “stand and until you can stand no more, but stand one more time”. In doing so, THE MOST HIGH has blessed us with spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the fullness of His Program. The Program is the return of the Bantus back to SO NINI NA NINI; not Israelites, Hebrews, or no other but the seeds of Akobi.

Officers include Kubini Keyes, Esther Worth, and Chad Mullins

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