Welcome to the website of the late Princess Laura Adorka Kofi, respectively known as “Mother Kofi.”

Learn of her life, her calling by THE MOST HIGH and courageous work she performed in the 1920s’ for the disbursed Children of Africa, of the Atlantic Slave Trade, The Diaspora. Within a short period of time of her arrival, she ’emptied numerous Black American churches led by, as she called them, “dumb greedy dogs.”  Her initial plan was to help the descendants of African slaves to return to Africa and establish commerce between Africa and America.

However, THE MOST HIGH had a “Program” for her to administer and if she returned to Africa, it would be death or if she remained in America, it would be death.  There is much more to this story, therefore, please consider viewing the video titled, Video –“…Not Done in A Corner”.  Just as with ‘Mother’s Sacred Teachings and Sayings’ publication, this video uses a spiritual faith-based approach to disclose past, present and future events for THE MOST HIGH’s plan to return His people back to Africa, the Diaspora, and the ‘Awakening of her church. Select “Video”, located on the menu, at the top of this webpage. Listed below are a few points of interest within the video:

  1. Biblical events, past and present
  2. Her ministry and message
  3. Interactions with UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association)
  4. The Assassination
  5. Continuation of The Program
  6. The Awakening
  7. Fulfillment of scripture

Feel free to freeze or stop the video to analyze or take notes for additional study or research.  Also consider analyzing a collection of reference materials from historians who wrote biographies, news articles, published books and hyperlinks to YouTube videos relating to Mother Kofi.  Reference material and photos are available for view on this website.