Vital Interest

People of color have listened, studied, and believe what other nations have made available by law, or limited choice as to our place of origin, history, and culture.   Descendants of enslaved Africans around the world should consider a different source and narrative to reconnect and reclaim the identity, heritage, and promises made by THE MOST HIGH by directing their attention towards our the land of our ancestors, Africa.  Let’s slowly, cautiously, yet with an open mind to consider a narrative most have never heard or thought to consider in today’s time.  Just as you will see and hear in the following video, “we’ve all been “dupped” to believe we are Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hebrews, etc.  Yet, this was prophesied in scriptures that we would lose our identity. (Jeremiah 17: 4 and Psalms 83: 3 – 4)

Sadly, as truth becomes known, there will be doubters on “both sides of the isle”, us and them.  THE MOST HIGH has already proclaimed what will happen.  (Isaiah 10:21 and Romans 9:27 – 28)

The Bantu Ancestors are from West Africa

So NINI Na NINI vs God of Israel

Africa is the Holy Land


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