Additional Explanations

A few of Mother Kofi’s teachings were selected for additional explanation and analysis.  More teachings with analysis will be added.

Repost –  June 21, 2020

Mother said, “There will be signing up of papers to help your condition, but it will be only for a while.” “You will lose your jobs and never get them back.” Coronavirus 19???

(More than often, assistance with food, healthcare, and other essential services are limited in scope and affordability. For example, as soon as a few bills are caught up, the government cuts back benefits and services which results in families falling further behind and never able to lift their heads above the poverty level. Meanwhile, the rich in the land receive state-sponsored corporate welfare to businesses, higher federal tax breaks and pile up broken promises to help revitalize the local minority community. Face reality, the American system was designed to benefit a select group in society. As for jobs, there is an old saying, “We’re last hired and first fired.”)

“Children, don’t see me, but see Msindisi(Son of THE MOST HIGH) that is working in and through me. If THE MOST HIGH leaves me, I am nothing. He is only using me as an instrument. It is He that is speaking through me to you.”

(One of the lies Satan used to attack THE MOST HIGH’s program up to this date which states that those that follow her teachings are worshiping her and not THE MOST HIGH. Satan does not want THE MOST HIGH’s jewels, Jacob’s seeds to awaken to the truth about their Heavenly Creator, heritage, history, and blessings. Instead, evildoers want to spread falsehoods and division among those who search for and find the truth through this woman from the tribe of Ga (Gad). Learn and serve THE MOST HIGH first and He’ll provide the blessings, which is what Satan doesn’t want us to do.) (Matthew 6:33-34)

“Children, those of you who go to Africa don’t go in the towns that are already built up, but go in the interior and build your own towns. Prepare to build up the old waste places. Go way out among your people and put up your own stores because the other fellow is going to have and isn’t going to give it away to you.”

There is a holy spiritual meaning within the statement above. (Read: Isaiah 58:12 – 14 and 61:4) There’s not much more to add to this topic because the scriptures speak for themselves.

“Children, don’t send preachers to Africa who don’t know nothing else to do but to preach, but send THE MOST HIGH-fearing, dedicated men and women qualified in the professions and skilled in the trades.”

(Numerous preaches today are overcompensated because the people they deceive give them their hard-earned money. Africa doesn’t need more preachers, but more working professionals within trade and industry.)

“Negroes, THE MOST HIGH showed me, if you don’t enroll your names with me, it comes a day it will be worse with you than in the day of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

(The American system is Babylon which lives off the wealth, riches, and habits of society.  We buy the latest gadgets, and electronic devices, and love our cars and clothes.  Hip-hop music takes money and self-respect from our community and replaces it with more crime and drugs. In the Book of Genesis, Sodom and Gomorrah was a period of uncaring, selfishness, and detestable things among the people. These events are present today and will consume all those who practice them because they love the things of lawlessness, pride, and lust.)

“Negroes, you either see this Program or go back to slavery.”

(The state of Mississippi finally submitted the required documents to ratify the Thirteenth Amendment to abolish slavery on February 7, 2013. The amendment was adopted in December 1865. Slavery is no longer allowed, except for when a person commits a crime. What about the innocent and those who are coerced to accept plea deals? What about those who cannot afford an attorney, court costs, or are unable to pay bail?)

(Too many are jailed or in prison providing free labor or paid just pence of a dollar.  Protest and violence will bring a short-lived benefit within a land you do not own.)

(Depending on the type of crime and other stipulations, felons lose their right to vote. If these events occur during a time of prosperity, what will happen during a shortage of jobs, resources, costly education, and reduction in funds for social programs but redirected to benefit those who need them the least? Laws are changed for the benefit of those in power. THE MOST HIGH’s laws never change and man constantly searches for ways to circumvent the unchangeable laws of THE MOST HIGH.)


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