Explanation of Teachings & Prophecies

Posted February 6, 2020

Mother said, “There will be signing up of papers to help your condition, but it will be only for a while.” “You are going to lose your jobs and never get them back.”

(More than often, assistance with food, healthcare and other essential services are limited in scope and affordability. For example. As soon as a few bills are caught up, the government cut back benefits and services which results in families falling further behind and never able to lift their heads above the poverty level. Meanwhile, the rich in the land receive state sponsored corporate welfare to businesses, higher federal tax breaks and pile up broken promises to help revitalize the local minority community. Face reality, the American system was designed to benefit a select group in society. As for as jobs, there is an old saying, ” we’re last hired and first fired.”)

“Children, YAH can take three and make a nation. Me die for three.”

(Mother Kofi was willing to die for YAH’s program even if it meant only 3 remained committed and faithful. Everyone loves to have a crowd in every event and organization. The Princess new that in her day many of her followers who said they would stand failed to do so. Yet, she would always state, “It looks like your Mother’s program is dead, but it will rise in a new place.” YAH chooses at His own will to place interest of this program (as like many other of His programs and plans) into the hearts and minds of those willing to forsake the Christian fallacy of the transliterated Jesus created by a Catholic monk less than 500 years ago and return back to the “old land mark”, serving YAH and YAHUSHUA, the one you call Jesus. Do your research.)

“Children, don’t see me, but see HA MACHIACH (Christ, the anointed one) that is working in and through me. If YAH leaves me, I am nothing. He is only using me as an instrument. It is He that is speaking through me to you.”

(One of the lies Satan used to attack YAH’s program up to this date which states that those that follow her teachings are worshiping her and not YAH. Satan does not want YAH’s jewels, Jacob’s seeds to awaken to the truth about their Heavenly Creator, heritage, history, and blessings. Instead, evil doers want to spread falsehoods, division among those who search for and find the truth by this women from the tribe of Ga (Gad). Learn and serve YAH first and He’ll provide the blessings and that is what Satan doesn’t want us to do. (Matthew 6:33-34))

“Children, those of you who go to Africa don’t go in the towns that are already built up, but go in the interior and build your own towns. Prepare to build up the old waste places. Go way out among your people and put up your own stores because the other fellow is going to have and isn’t going to give it away to you.”

There is a holy spiritual meaning within the statement above. (Read: Isiah 58:12 – 14 and 61:4) There’s not much more to add to this topic because the scriptures speak for itself.

Posted February 5, 2020

Mother said, “YAH showed me, if I give up my life in His Program, He will give me the desires of my heart and my desire is to see Africa redeemed and Africa’s children free everywhere.”

(The Princess gave up her life willingly and it was pleasing to YAH. For what YAH promises, He delivers.)

“Children, don’t send preachers to Africa who don’t know nothing else to do but to preach, but send YAH-fearing, dedicated men and women qualified in the professions and skilled in the trades.”

(Numerous preaches today are over compensated because of the people they deceive give them their hard earned money. Africa doesn’t need more preachers, but more working professionals within trade and industry.)

“Negroes, YAH showed me, if you don’t enroll your names with me, it comes a day it will be worse with you than in the day of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

(In the Book of Genesis, Sodom and Gomorrah was a period of uncaring, selfishness, and detestable things among the people. These events are present today and will consume all those who practice them because they love the things of lawlessness, pride and lust.)

“Negroes, you either see this Program or go back to slavery.”

(The state of Mississippi finally submitted required documents to ratified the Thirteenth Amendment to abolish slavery on February 7, 2013. Amendment was adopted in December 1865. Slavery is no longer allowed, except for when a person commits a crime. What about the innocent and those who are coerced to accept plea deals? What about those who cannot afford an attorney , court cost, or unable to pay bail? Too many are jailed or prison providing free labor or paid just pence of a dollar. )

(Depending on the type of crime and other stipulations, felons lose their right to vote. If these events occur during time of prosperity, what will happen during shortage of jobs, resources, costly education, reduction in funds for social programs but redirected to benefit those who need them the least. Laws are changed for the benefit of those in power. YAH’s laws never change and man constantly search for ways to circumvent unchangeable laws of YAH.)

Posted prior to February 4, 2020

Laura Adorka Kofi, respectively called by her followers as “Mother Kofi”, was an evangelist and prophet ordained of YAH. Many of her prophecies have already come to pass with more in progress and more to come. Listed below are a few of her prophecies and teachings:

“Children, don’t see me, but see HA MACHIACH (Christ) Spirit that is working within me.”

(As an evangelist, Mother Kofi first preached the gospel and then promoted self-help, cultural pride, dignity, and encourage business and commerce. The idea of praising Princess Kofi and not YAH was a myth she frequently attacked and most importantly, it’s a sin. [Exodus 20:3 and Isaiah 42:8]. Therefore, there is nothing in her teachings that suggests, otherwise.)

“My YAH called me out of Africa to come over here and tell you what He would have you to do.”

(YAH chooses whomever he pleases to do his work. As you will learn later in this document, Mother Kofi did not want to come to America. YAH knows all and can see all; there’s no getting away from His “All Seeing Eyes.” In fact, she tried to “run away” from YAH by traveling to other parts of Africa. The bible contains evidence of individuals who would rather flee from YAH or be frightened into reality before accepting YAH. [Jonah 1: 1 – 3] This also was the beginning of Princess’s conversion to Christianity. In the bible story of Apostle Paul, named Saul before his conversion, fell to the ground because of a bright light from heaven and the voice of Christ commanding Saul as to what he must do. [Acts 9: 3 – 6])

“Many will commit suicide, because they will be unable to stand the storms to come.”

(Suicide within America’s military service is at an ‘all time high’. During the fall of the stock market in 1929 and 2008, suicide became the choice of escape from facing devastating loss of income, livelihood and imminent poverty. American soldiers unable or ill-prepared to face mental and/or physical limitations and assimilating back into civilian life, are committing suicide at an all-time high. Heads of households are killing their families because of unresolved domestic issues. Mankind has become more attuned to ‘stuff and things’ to being their YAH, instead of YAH Himself. [Psalm 50:15 and Luke 1:37])

“Children, hard times are around the corner. You are going to lose your jobs and never get them back. Times will be so hard until many of you will eat out of garbage cans. You will sign many papers to help your condition, but it will only be for a while. Many of you will be glad to work for something to eat.”

(YAH warned Mother Kofi of what was known in the 1930’s as the “Great Depression”. During the 1920’s, there was a since of prosperity and jobs were available. However, the Great Depression changed everything. In 2009, the world is in a deep recession. People have not only lost their jobs, they have lost their homes. When prosperity strives throughout the land, people forget about the true living YAH and make their homes, cars and money their YAH. Towns across America have lost jobs by the thousands. Big banks and major corporations are sitting on billions of dollars earned off the back of a few workers carrying a heavy workload. The rich becoming richer and the poor is getting poorer. Soup kitchens are popping up across the country to feed the new homeless, middle-class America. “The greedy of a few, caused suffering for many.” Yes, the economy is now recovering. However, have we learned our lesson? [I Timothy 6: 6 – 10 and II Timothy 3: 1 – 5])

“There will come a time when they will not even spare the babies in the cradle.”

(Countless number of drive-by shootings across the nation has taken away innocent children lives. Miss-informed, heartless and selfish extremists are destroying innocent people and children, with the notion that they are doing a righteous work. [John 10:10 and John 16: 2 – 3] Young men ill-prepared for fatherhood and young women desiring attention and support were never trained or raised on how to nurture and care for their children; only to see the child expire as a result of abuse and/or neglect. It takes YAH, family and education to guard off this dilemma.)