What makes a person leave their livelihood and travel to another hemisphere?  In 1924, what was on the princess mind that would compel her to leave a cheerful and peaceful life with her husband, to end up traveling for what she believed was a message from God?  In this era of time, society was not receptive to women, especially women of color to personify characteristics of leadership, courage, yet full of motherly attributes, caring and faithful on a one-way mission that was filled with oppression, rejection and violence.

This is not a mere biography of a fallen princess, it’s a true story filled with life ups and downs and how faith and heavenly promises can achieve fetes that seemed incredible in her day and time.  Only by faith and determination led by a higher, unearthly power, was she able to press through rejection by her own people of color within America and challenge the religious “status quo”.    You are urged to read the life, ministry and prophecies of Princess Kofi, respectively named over 90 years as “Mother Kofi”.



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